An industry-defining standard of cleaning and disinfection

Our Story

From humble beginnings starting off in the Commercial cleaning industry in Melbourne well over a decade ago; we have grown from a small family operation to become a dynamic force in the commercial cleaning industry, servicing our important clients across greater Melbourne.

We have achieved this by never forgetting that our customers are our sole focus; ensuring them at all times, our personal, professional service and experience;  no matter how big or small their firm. In short we build relationships with our customers.

We enhance our cleaning and decontamination processes by keeping up to date on all the latest technologies that are constantly being introduced into the commercial cleaning sphere. 

These new technologies require continuous updates to our training and teaching schedules, ensuring we are able to offer our clients the most modern and effective processes at all times. 

The Vira Shield™ System is an integral part of the comprehensive cleaning services that we offer.

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