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Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Services In Melbourne

As your facility begins to return to normal operating hours after Covid-19 restrictions, providing peace of mind and assurance to both your employees and customers is nothing short of critical. 


There is a heightened sense of scrutiny that you are doing your part in providing a clean, healthy and safe environment from Covid19 infections. No matter what type of business you're in, the absolute best solution is to avoid disastrous infection and contamination events at all costs.

We help clients to re-open safely and STAY OPEN safely, whilst strictly adhering to Gov’t guidelines and approved practices. We will assist you to deliver that assurance by providing industry leading advice, deep cleaning, disinfection and decontamination processes. 

We do so through the use of our exclusive Vira Shield™ cleaning, disinfection and decontamination systems; available in a programme customised perfectly to suit your facility and circumstances. 

In doing so, we create cleaner, healthier spaces, and whether you are a small gym or a multi storey office facility;  the Vira Shield™ systems can assist you.

The Vira Shield™ systems process has been developed in partnership with industry leading firms, expert in infectious disease control and industrial level hygiene control products. 

Vira Shield™ is a deep cleaning system that works to kill most viruses including Coronavirus (Covid 19), Rhinovirus and  Norovirus just to name a few.

Vira Shield Services

Infection Prevention and Decontamination



  • Pro-Active

  • Suitable for No known contamination

  • Avoids disastrous infections

  • Kills Covid-19

  • Discrete service

  • Up to 30 day protection

  • Testing

  • Dual step program




  • Re-Active

  • Suitable for Probable contamination

  • Avoids disastrous RE-Infection

  • Kills Covid-19

  • Big Guns style service

  • Up to 30 day protection

  • Testing and certification

  • Multi Step program

Where We Service?

We service Melbourne City and the Southeastern suburbs.

Operating Hours?

We operate 24/7 so we can cater to your businesses needs.

Who We Service?

We look after all businesses, from small business to large corporate spaces