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An industry-defining standard of cleaning and disinfection



Proper disinfection and decontamination systems should always be preceded with thorough cleaning.

This is necessary to remove solids and soiling, allowing the disinfectants to be applied to the substrate and form the correct film coverage. Whilst basic cleaning concepts may appear  ‘boring as it were’; it is never the less, a critical step in the over-all process and must be conducted methodically, thoroughly and correctly.  Choice of chemical is critical, even at this basic stage. Only after this process has been finalised can the next steps be undertaken.


Disinfection and Decontamination

Disinfection and decontamination procedures again begin with the correct choice of chemical.  What worked for the cleaning stage is not correct to decontaminate virus pathogens left behind. Our Vira Shield™ system utilises one of the most technologically advanced hospital grade disinfectants ever to hit the industry.  (No, we don’t make it) 

The Surface disinfectant kills Covid-19 (Along with most other nasties) via a totally new and revolutionary process. Importantly, it is also one of the relatively few listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia list of approved chemicals proven to kill CV19.

Application of the disinfectant is yet another critical process. The good old ‘spray Bottle’ just doesn’t cut it in these modern procedures and high demands. The Vira Shield ™  system utilises the latest state of the art application methodology. You will literally have to see it to believe the results we are able to achieve utilising this revolutionary system. 

Covid 19 Test.jpg


Testing and Certification

It’s one thing to tell the client there facility is clean… It’s another thing entirely to prove it.

Once the initial stages are completed in the Vira Shield™ system, we utilise a state of the art testing procedure to confirm beyond doubt that your facility is now both clean and decontaminated. This is an industry recognised certification process, giving both, yourself your staff and your customers the peace of mind that you have gone to every extent possible to ensure their safety and wellbeing. 

When utilised as a part of an ongoing program, you will be able to call up logs showing graphs of your previous testing results. Once again proving you have left no stone unturned in your quest to minimise any chance of infection on your premises.