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Chemicals We Use When Deep Cleaning

An industry-defining standard of cleaning and disinfection

You may have heard the old term ‘Oils aint Oils. ’ Well exactly the same applies to cleaning chemicals.

This part can get a little technical, but if you’re the sort of person that likes to know the Nitty Gritty stuff, then please, read on.

The Vira Shield Australia process is divided into a 3 step system for good reason.

The Step 1: Cleaning process is imperative in attaining the correct final outcome.

Choice of chemical is one of the main reasons for this. The best Hospital grade disinfectant may kill every germ and Virus on the planet, but they usually perform extremely poorly at removing soiling such as oil and fats left from food, beverages or even finger prints.

These MUST be removed entirely during the first stage, utilising the correct type of chemical with components such as wetting agents and powerful emulsifiers to break down any soiling. This then allows the Disinfectant to do it’s job properly in the following Decontamination step.

If choice of chemical was important in the first step. It is even more critical in the second Decontamination step! You will have no doubt seen the ads on TV for Disinfectants claiming to “Kill 99% of germs and bacteria” Sounds GREAT ! And whilst it may be perfectly true there are 2 problems with this type of claim.

The first one is easy, Bacteria can be nasty little things; but they are NOT Viruses.

In fact many ‘off the shelf’ products won’t even come close to totally eliminating virus pathogens.

The second problem is a bit more in depth.

Even if your average garden variety disinfectant is one that is capable of killing Viruses, the question must be asked… how many does it kill?

This is where the Virus’ kill log’ comes in to play. Log stands for Logarithmic and works on a base 10 factor.

The chart below shows this better.

Basic maths tells you that if a disinfectant kills 99% of virus pathogens then 1% are still left alive. That 1% sure doesn’t sound like much, until you realise that a virus such as Sars2, eg: Covid-19 is, on average approximately 1 micron in size. That’s really really small. So much so, that 50 Million can fit onto a pin head ! So if you only kill 99% of them, it stands to reason you still have 500,000 (that’s 1%) left alive… ON YOUR PIN HEAD ! Imagine how many might be left alive on a lift button or a door handle because of poor cleaning and decontamination practices. Understanding this critical fact helps one to realise why viruses can be spread so quickly.

It is for this reason when we deep clean an office space, we ONLY use Disinfectants that have been tested and proven to kill 99.99% (Log4) of the Sars2 Covid-19 virus. The industry standards in Australia is set by the ‘Therapeutic Goods Administration’ (TGA) and they publicise a small list of chemical proven to have passed the most rigorous testing program and can truthfully make the claim

“Kills Covid-19 Virus”.

All of the disinfectants we use in the Vira Shield Australia system must be tested, passed and appear on that list! PERIOD.

Using a garden variety disinfectant in your work place is a bit like driving a car with only 3 wheels. You are headed for a train wreck!

Even though our disinfectants are super powerful Virus killers, they are 100% safe for your staff and your customers. When we have completed our decontamination process you will be able to confidently re-open your work place in as little as an hour.

With our use of correctly trained staff, potent but safe chemicals and superior application methods, Vira Shield Australia can help your business navigate its way safely through the Coronavirus saga safely. Contact us for a consultation today.

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