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Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses are rethinking their commercial cleaning processes. Before the outbreak, cleaning and sanitizing were a good thing for businesses and there were many benefits that business owners received from hiring a professional deep cleaning company. But now, those benefits have increased exponentially because of how professional cleaning services can help clean and disinfect properties that could be subjected to bacteria and viruses.

Employees v Professional Cleaners

While your employees may have cleaning products that can help reduce the spread of viruses and contagions to some degree. We here at Vira Shield Australia have access to superior, industrial style cleaning products capable of killing Covid-19 and most other viruses for up to 30 days between applications.

Whilst your employees can easily wipe down surfaces that are touched, because their job is NOT professional cleaning – many contaminated spots will be overlooked simply because individuals aren’t trained to know what needs to be cleaned. While it may be obvious that doorknobs, light switches, and countertops need to be disinfected, your team may not even think about cleaning other things like the company stapler, phone buttons, or company vehicle keys.

Professional cleaning companies also use a variety of cleaning tools to help clean and disinfect commercial facilities. They carry cleaning equipment that you most likely do not even know exists. This professional equipment can help protect valuable equipment like computers and can also help reach hard to clean places.

Your employees are busy running your company or helping provide for your clients and customer needs. Help them do their job more efficiently by not tasking them with a proper sanitisation cleaning. You can benefit from professional services by letting your employees take care of their normal duties and letting Vira Shield Australia take care of the deep cleaning of your environment.

Safety gear is a necessary component when dealing with viruses and bacteria. Your employees could be exposed to a number of problems by not using the correct safety gear. Vira Shield Australia is fully equipped with professional cleaning PPE. Keep your workforce safe and reliable by not exposing your staff to a dangerous environment.

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Experts

Viruses like the Coronavirus spread easily and live on surfaces for an extended period of time. A professional commercial cleaning company can make sure your employees are safe by limiting their exposure to critical cleaning tasks .

If you own a commercial facility and are in need of a professional commercial cleaning firm that can help keep your employees safe and your environment clean and healthy, contact the experienced professionals at Vira Shield Australia today!

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